Unjustified Indirection


I finally made that EPUB mode. This adventure mostly taught me that eww, or rather, shr.el isn’t quite reusable. That itself is not really a problem, but I handed in a patch to improve the situation. An old saying among programmers is that every problem can be solved by applying an extra level of indirection, so that’s what I did after discussing it out on the bug tracker, however after my patch got merged it was deemed too much:

;; We don't use shr-indirect-call here, since shr-descend is
;; the central bit of shr.el, and should be as fast as
;; possible.  Having one more level of indirection with its
;; negative effect on performance is deemed unjustified in
;; this case.

Hadn’t I spoken up about inclusion of this comment, an unsuspecting future hacker wouldn’t even know why there’s duplicated code not using the helper. I can only wonder how production-ready browser engines solve this kind of problem…