To paraphrase a comment by eevee every good programmer can not only endlessly discuss the benefits of their favourite programming language, but easily bore you to death by elaborating upon its wrongdoings, flaws and warts. Because I’m an Emacs hacker, I discover the aforementioned problems on a regular basis, no matter whether I’m actively writing code or just read its sources to understand how this complicated menagerie of tasks more or less related to text editing works.

As it would be too wasteful to just put my fits of rage on ephemeral media like the #emacs IRC channel, I’ve decided to share these highlights with you on a blog in the form of entries that may very well fit into a single tweet or approach the size of an essay dissecting existentialist worries. And don’t worry, these post are for entertainment and educational purposes. I just like to rant every now and often, that’s all.

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