Reverting a buffer can be useful once in awhile, so I did bind revert-buffer to a key. That would have done the trick, weren’t it for Emacs and its lousy defaults which include prompting you before reverting a file. It’s one thing to prompt someone when an external package is reverting a buffer for you, but if it’s done by yourself interactively…

To the source! While figuring out the right invocation, I’ve stumbled over this gem:

;; I admit it's odd to reverse the sense of the prefix argument, but
;; there is a lot of code out there which assumes that the first
;; argument should be t to avoid consulting the auto-save file, and
;; there's no straightforward way to encourage authors to notice a
;; reversal of the argument sense.  So I'm just changing the user
;; interface, but leaving the programmatic interface the same.

Way to go.