2400 Baud

;;! This has been commented out; I currently find the behavior when
;;! split-window-keep-point is nil disturbing, but if I can get used
;;! to it, then it would be better to eliminate the option.
;;! ;; Choose a good default value for split-window-keep-point.
;;! (setq split-window-keep-point (> baud-rate 2400))

M-x magit-blame revealed that this piece of code has been kept in its pristine state since 1992. You’d expect Bauds not to matter in this time and age, but guess what, both Vim and Emacs still have code to do their terminal redisplay differently when you’re using a slow terminal. Except that Emacs does sometimes check for the value of baud-rate in high-level Emacs Lisp code…