Don't bother


All I planned to do was finding a source for the somewhat often mentioned “Emacs Lisp doesn’t really have structs, it’s just vectors in disguise!”:

;; Don't bother adding to cl-custom-print-functions since it's not used
;; by anything anyway!
;;(if print-func
;;    (push `(if (boundp 'cl-custom-print-functions)
;;               (push
;;                ;; The auto-generated function does not pay attention to
;;                ;; the depth argument cl-n.
;;                (lambda (cl-x cl-s ,(if print-auto '_cl-n 'cl-n))
;;                  (and ,pred-form ,print-func))
;;                cl-custom-print-functions))
;;          forms))

As I wasn’t sure what this commented out code in the madness that the cl-defstruct macro is meant, I looked a bit further:

  ;; This alias is needed for compatibility with .elc files that use defstruct
  ;; and were compiled with Emacs<24.3.
  'custom-print-functions 'cl-custom-print-functions "24.3")

(defvar cl-custom-print-functions nil
  "This is a list of functions that format user objects for printing.
Each function is called in turn with three arguments: the object, the
stream, and the print level (currently ignored).  If it is able to
print the object it returns true; otherwise it returns nil and the
printer proceeds to the next function on the list.

This variable is not used at present, but it is defined in hopes that
a future Emacs interpreter will be able to use it.")

So, knowing that defining custom print syntax for useful things like reading back in structs again is a hopeless endeavor, does the first claim hold true?

(cl-defstruct love) ;=> love
(make-love) ;=> [cl-struct-love]

(╯°O°)╯︵ ┻━┻